A Note to Parents

I am sure you are here on our site to see why your child(ren) come to visit us. I'm sure you have questions like, Why is my son/daughter a Juggalo/Juggalette? What do they see in this music in this group that makes them want to listen? I can understand your concern as I to am a parent of two boys 7 and 12,and a little girl 3 1/2 who waits for me in Heaven.

I am here to try to help clear some things up for you, I know you have probably heard bad things about Insane Clown Posse aka ICP. That they are evil and crude and rude and nasty. I can tell you they are not Evil, they may be crude, rude and nasty sometimes. But as hard as it is to believe, there is a reason for this, There are kids that feel left out and alone and suicidal in this world. they feel that cannot turn to their parents with their problems, cause Mom and Dad are too busy with their own lives to worry about my problems. This is where ICP comes into the picture. ICP started recording their story in 1990-91,a story that would take 12 almost 13 long years to complete. They were young and poor and in trouble and needed something in their lives, little did they know that would eventually become known world wide and considered "the most hated band of all times", but loved by hundreds of thousands at the same time.

Their story is about the Dark Carnival. They told the story in chapters, the first was called "Carnival of Carnage" also known as the first joker's card. the Carnival of Carnage tells of life on the streets and how hard it is to be there, and how the evil of the world will corrupt you if you let it.

The second Joker's Card is "The Ringmaster" which is yourself, because you are in control of your own destiny, you can control how your life will turn out.

The third Joker's Card or "The Riddlebox" asks the question do you know if you will go to Heaven or Hell when you die?

The fourth Joker's Card is "The Great Milenko" He will tempt you with all you could ever want, so he can take your life away from you, he is the master of Illusions.

The fifth Joker's Card is "The Amazing Jeckel Brothers" they juggle our sins and our good deeds. this is the eternal struggle within us all to do good to balance our bad deeds.

The Sixth Joker's Card is called "The Wraith" the first version is called Shangri-La this tells you if you believe in God and live a good life and do not do bad ,you will go to Heaven and what you can expect when you get there. The 2nd version of "The Wraith is called Hell's Pit. Obviously it tells you what will happen if you fall for the devil's tricks and Illusions, hence the 4th joker's card "The Great Milenko". you will burn in Hell for eternity.

With all the cussing and killing that happened in these albums for all this time, they were all a lesson to kids to not do these things, to live good lives and do good deeds, there were reversals that told them of God and of Jesus, they were little clues through out all the albums, but they never came right out and said it until the 6th Joker's card, because the kids they were trying to reach are the one's who will not go to church or go to a bookstore and pick up the Bible, or go to a Christian music store and buy a album and listen to gospel, they wanted to hear the bad stuff, they thought all along that ICP was bad and wanted to be there with them for it all, they knew that the juggalos are a family, we are all there for each other to lean on in bad times and share joy in the good times. and Then BAMMM, they dropped the Bomb, at the end of the whole story the last song on the Shangri-La they said it," Truth is we follow God, we've always been behind him" The Carnival is God and may all the Juggalos find him!" all this time these kids thought they were listening to evil bad music, they were getting the message of God all along!

If you will ever listen to ICP for even one thing, Please listen to The very last track on the Wraith. is it called "the Unveiling" this will tell you what ICP is about, they say it plain, it's not about money it's not about fans, it's about getting the word of God out to the Juggalos. Please be warned there is some cussing in this song, but even my own father a born again Christian who does not like cussing at all, listened to it so he could hear for himself the powerful message behind this song.

This is amazing, after 12 years some people were in shock, and said we were tricked and some said Praise God I knew it all along! Some turned away and never looked back and some said What, they are for God? why? I need to know what God is about, and they learned and are still learning why ICP brought the message of God to these kids who at one time hated everything in life except ICP and bad imagery. Now they find Joy and Happiness in the family love and spirit that we all share.

At Juggalofaith we have sermons that the kids can read, we don't always quote the Bible but our sermons are Bible Based, because they need to be able to process what we are trying to teach them, they need it in words they can understand. I have kids email me all the time and ask me where they find passages in the Bible about certain things, and if I can send them a Bible so they can read it for themselves, and everyday I get a kid who says the world will never understand me but my Juggalo Family does. They don't judge me for being fat or black or gay or different, we try to teach these kids that it is alright to be different, that God is the one who will Judge us not man, we are told every day that we are evil and satanic, but Jesus said " You will be persecuted for my name's sake."

I have had death threats for trying to teach kids about God and Jesus. But I would gladly give my life so just one kid or young adult can be saved and make it to Heaven and never have to feel the pain of hell. I hope that if you've made it this far that I have helped you to have some kind of understanding about ICP and "The Dark Carnival" if you have questions for me, please use our contact us page.

We are currently adding a section and have some songs up now that highlight where God or Jesus are mentioned in ICP's Music. please feel free to look around our site and email us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thank you and God Bless You!
Rev. Brandy Powell

Stay away from the darkness